Monsoon 2018

Monsoon 2018

We are heading into Monsoon season here in Arizona! For those who are not familiar with what a “Monsoon” is, here is the definition via Wikipedia:

The North American monsoon, variously known as the Southwest monsoon, the Mexican monsoon, the New Mexican monsoon, or the Arizona monsoon, is a pattern of pronounced increase in thunderstorms and rainfall over large areas of the SW United States and NW Mexico , typically occurring between July and mid September. During the monsoon, thunderstorms are fueled by daytime heating and build up during the late afternoon-early evening. Typically, these storms dissipate by late night, and the next day starts out fair, with the cycle repeating daily. The monsoon typically loses its energy by mid-September when drier and cooler conditions are reestablished over the region.

It is very important to practice proper lawn care, especially tree care throughout the year to prepare for monsoons.

General Tree Care:

• Just like going to a barber to maintain your hair, you want to annually prune your trees. Providing proper air flow between the branches of the trees especially as the high winds pick up so that they don’t snap limbs, or pull your tree out of the ground. Keeping your tree “trimmed thin” to where you can see the sky while standing under it is the best way to keep your tree as storm proof as possible during the monsoons. The thicker the tree is, the more likely it is to be damaged after a storm. Also be mindful of any areas that show signs of decay or being sun burned.

• Some long term tree care also includes: proper planting (includes depth, distance from house/sidewalk/other plants), soil care, proper staking, and proper watering. These will help provide longevity and proper health and growth of your tree in the long term.

• Keep your front/back yard as debris free as possible to prevent a larger mess to clean up after the storm. Especially those with a pool that could cause debris from getting stuck in the pump or clumped up in the pool that could cause burn out.

We hope some of these tips and tricks help you prepare for the season ahead! We would be happy to stop by and provide a free estimate for tree trimming, and will be available for weekend/emergency tree services during the monsoon season.

To schedule an estimate contact our scheduling line at (520) 355-8746


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