Gardening in AZ

One of the best memories I have are the ones when I was out in the yard gardening with my family. The excitement of going to the store and picking out the perfect vegetable. There are so many things that we learn from gardening at a young age, that help us develop and keep our own sanity into adulthood. It has brought my joy knowing that I was not only helping the environment, but also helping myself take a break. Gardening has been said to be a stress reliever, mood enhancer, and is a great opportunity for physical activity. Below you will see some the the stages of our garden!

This was a few days into planting our garden. We opted into planting some zucchini, squash, and watermelon in this patch. It was also decided that we would not use mounds for separation, and would then add an above ground soaker hose that would connected to our regular irrigation clock. The photo below shows our plants sprouting up!


Here is a picture of the soaker hose that goes in-between the rows. What is pictured is the growth of our watermelons!


Our beautiful garden was off to a great start!!


The watermelon took off a lot faster than we had anticipated them to.


One of the benefits of gardening, is knowing where the vegetables are being grown, and what is being used to grow them. Our favorite part was being able to cook up a great dinner with the veggies that we grew together as a family by seed.





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