#FBF Backyard clean up

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”
–Leo Tolstoy

Spring has found it’s way to the Sahuarita/Green Valley communities! There are flowers blooming in many corners, parks, yards, and fields. This is always a wonderful time to begin your outdoor projects. The weather has been a “cool” 80 degrees most days. It is one of our busiest, and favorite times of the year. Many of our customers have so many great requests for new plants, trees, gardens, and even full yard overhauls.

In the midst of the chaotic Spring/Summer season, we are grateful to take the time to work with our customers as best as we can as a small business. We appreciate the patience that so many of our regulars have with us, and the longevity that many of our customers have maintained. With this new Spring season, we are focusing on our future as a small business, and figuring out what we need to do to improve, grow, and where we need to just maintain.

Take a moment to step outside in the morning and enjoy natures blissful crisp in the air. Spend a brief moment to appreciate the leaves, buds blooming, new growth, and even the winter damage. It is a beautiful season to take in all of the change from the past year. Weather it be removing the old, and adding in the new, or watching a tree grow after being planted as a small little tree. Take it all in before you begin your day.


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