Below I have included some of the work that I have completed for some clients.

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Weed removal services!


The weeds and debris were removed from the yard, as well as the Tree and bushes were trimmed. We also added Rock to the front yard that was picked up by the local Green Valley Decorative Rock


Above photo showcases our weed removal services, with the weeds being completely hand pulled.

As per client request, we can trim a bush to the customers liking, wether they go for rounded as above, or natural.

During Monsoon season, one of the things to mindful of is your tree. The strong winds can take a toll on your tree and snap a branch.

This shrub was canned down to promote healthy growth (photo to the left). The shrub is now growing strong and healthy. (photo to the right)

 A yard clean up was done prior to photos taken for listing.

Listed by: Cynthia Fowler with OMNI Homes International

Photo credit @Kayla Lema

Listing in Green Valley AZ 585 W Rio Teras


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