We are excited to support a local school, in being a part of their annual Trunk-Or-Treat. It will be one of our first in person events, please feel free to stop by and ask any questions, or schedule an estimate. We will be giving out something unique to the Trunk-Or-Treaters to promote growth, education, and some fun! We will be posting photos of what our set up will be after the event to not spoil what we have. Don’t forget to support your local community and schools at these events! Have a safe and happy Halloween season!

AZ weed control

What is a weed? The definition of a weed per Merriam-Webster is (1) a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth; especially  :  one that tends to overgrow or choke out more desirable plants  (2)  :  a weedygrowth of plants. In Arizona we encounter many different types of weeds from bull thistle (Cirsium vulgare) to spurge. A great list for common weeds found in AZ is available HERE.

Weeds in general are not very nice to look at, especially in a master planned community, or at a place of business. They are also a cause for a lot of alleges that can affect friends, neighbors, and customers. Some folks have a hard time with seasonal allergies, and with the winds blowing it can help the seed spread and become a worse problem in the future. When weeds become large and out of control they become a place for unwanted critters to roam freely.

There are many different ways to take care of the pesky weeds, and to maintain a beautiful weed free yard!

The first way is to manually pull the weeds as you see them come up. This is not only cost effective, but it is also a great way to get outdoors, exercise, and meet the community. Many people also choose to pull the weeds to refrain from using a chemical treatment, which can become costly overtime as well.

The second way would be to chemically treat the weeds to prevent them from germinating, this is known as a pre-emergent. There are “seasons” if you will that will allow the pre-emergent to activate properly. There are laws, regulations, standards, and ordinances that landscape companies must and should follow with the application of herbicides in urban landscapes, as with master planned communities who spray the chemical often.

The last way would be the next step to the pre-emergent, known as a post-emergent. This is used for weeds that have already begun to sprout up. It is recommended for the best use, to be sure that you do not let the weeds go over 6 in in length to have the spray be more effective. Once applied the weed will take in the chemical and die. Most homeowners, or landscapers will use a blue dye that will help mark the areas that have been sprayed. It can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to allow for the weeds to die off.

The best ways to keep the weeds at bay is to apply all of the above tips and tricks. This will keep your yard and community looking sharp! Please ensure the check with your community, and HOA guidelines, and always ask a professional if you have any questions or concerns with any landscaping needs.

Gardening in AZ

One of the best memories I have are the ones when I was out in the yard gardening with my family. The excitement of going to the store and picking out the perfect vegetable. There are so many things that we learn from gardening at a young age, that help us develop and keep our own sanity into adulthood. It has brought my joy knowing that I was not only helping the environment, but also helping myself take a break. Gardening has been said to be a stress reliever, mood enhancer, and is a great opportunity for physical activity. Below you will see some the the stages of our garden!

This was a few days into planting our garden. We opted into planting some zucchini, squash, and watermelon in this patch. It was also decided that we would not use mounds for separation, and would then add an above ground soaker hose that would connected to our regular irrigation clock. The photo below shows our plants sprouting up!


Here is a picture of the soaker hose that goes in-between the rows. What is pictured is the growth of our watermelons!


Our beautiful garden was off to a great start!!


The watermelon took off a lot faster than we had anticipated them to.


One of the benefits of gardening, is knowing where the vegetables are being grown, and what is being used to grow them. Our favorite part was being able to cook up a great dinner with the veggies that we grew together as a family by seed.




New fresh look! 

We jumped for joy when our new business cards came in the mail today! It is a mark of new beginnings, and how we have grown already. Not saying that our old cards were not up to par, but these show a great statement of cleanliness, and that is what La Villita is all about! Look out for our cards at local shops here in Sahuarita/Green Valley locations! 

Special thanks to Carrie Button with Floppy Poppy Gifts for creating a logo that is so timeless, and shows our love of community and Arizona. Also, special thanks to Vista Print for having such great deals that truly make a difference for small business owners. 

Monsoon 2016 Season

Nature always has a funny way in surprising us. Last night, the wind took over our Southern AZ communities and took a toll on some homeowners yards. From trees uprooting, and tree branches snapping, to the shock on some of our customers faces as we skillfully removed branches off of cars, and neighbors yards. We can say for certain that the windy night gave us all something to talk about. We strive to be as prompt with our services, and fair in pricing when it comes to last minute disasters like a tree that seems to have eaten your car! We are always grateful to meet new customers, and to know that we are the first on the list to call for our current/past customers when the Monsoon strikes.


We now have an Instagram!! What a better way to Share our pictures, and quick tips others than Instagram?! We will be posting any great local places to get plants, trees, and small treasures on here as well. We have a huge heart for this community and love to support local businesses. Happy Saturday! 

Cane down the shrub


There are many reasons as to why you may want to cane down your shrubs. Sometimes the winter time blues will hit our plants. Cutting it down will help promote some new and fresh growth for the spring time, and will give it a fresh start. I remember my customer being a little worried that it may not grow back at all. I will post a picture showcasing where it is today!

Services Provided

G.D Landscaping offers an array of services that will fit your budget. The following services include:
-Weed removal
-Tree trimming
-Bush trimming
-Flower bed planting
-Tree planting
-Tree removal (pending on size)
-irrigation repair (clocks,broken lines..)
-irrigation installation