Flash Back Friday

What a year it has been! Thank you to our customers for making this a huge year of growth! We appreciate you, our community, and our local small businesses who have supported us. We have big plans for the new year! Can not wait for you all to come on this journey with us. Thank you for following!

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Overseed Service 

                   I can have a lawn in Arizona?! 

Yes! You can have and maintain a lawn in Arizona with the help of La Villita Landscaping. We offer our customers free estimates, and make sure to go over all options that are available and review maintence expectations. Our overseedig process does differ per client based off of size of lawn, water pressure, irrigation check, and season. We will go over all parts of the process and ensure that we keep up with the ongoing recommend service agreement. We also offer ongoing mowing services to keep the lawn in tip top shape! Contact us today for a Free estimate! 

One Stop Shop 

 We provide full yard clean up services with some additional services for our clients. We are a great resource for investors, real estate agents, homeowners (in state and out of state). We will provide a full service clean up and/or continual maintenance service that also includes before and after photos to showcase properties to potential clients. 

 Our continual maintence service is a great resource for our out of town customers who are in the process of selling their home, but don’t want to worry about the continual yard up keep. We keep open communication and go over the best schedule that will fit your needs for as long, or as little as the service is needed. Contact us at 520-488-4982 to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE today! 

Back to School supply giveaway!

La Villita Landscaping 1st Annual back to school supply giveaway! 

With school right around the corner, and families picking up those last minute supplies. We thought it would be great to do a school supply giveaway for a local student! We will provide the student supplies as listed on the supply list, a backpack (character choice of student), and lunchbox. We thank this great community, and are hoping to make this something we will continue to do, hopefully at a greater scale in the future. Restrictions do apply and are listed below, as with the drawing information. 

  • Student must attend a local Sahuarita/green valley school
  • Entering Grades K-6 
  • Please enter via our Facebook page HERE
  • Will draw winner Friday August 4th at 12 noon to ensure student will have supplies over the weekend. 

Celebrating One year! 


We could not be more humbled to be celebrating our first year in business! We have had the opportunity to truly learn and grow as a company. We have met with so many others in the business who have been happy to provide advice and recommendations. Our community is FULL of amazing people that we have had the pleasure of meeting through our business. We did not know that this journey would have lead us to such growth professionally and personally. 

This upcoming year will have a lot of great changes in store! We are excited to meet more faces, and continue our business with those who have stuck by us from the beginning! Thank you all again for helping us make La Villita Landscaping LLC the success that we had dreamed it would be. 


Gavino, Athena, and Gavi 

Golden Barrel Cactus

Golden Barrel Cactus AZ, 85629
Golden Barrel Cactus

The Golden Barrel Cactus, aka Echinocactus grusonii, is a very popular and well known Cactus in our region. We were excited to pick this beauty up and plant it for one of our customers. Some of our clients have indicated that they LOVE a simple desert landscape that allows for low watering and maintenance.


Below are some fun Facts via on of our favorite websites AMWUA. For more information about desert plants, the linked website above is a great resource!

  • Type:Cacti
  • Sun:Full Sun, Partial Sun
  • Hardiness:18°F
  • Water:Very Low
  • Growth Rate:Slow
  • Mature Size:1 1/2′ Height X 2′ Width
  • Mature Form:Globe-Shaped
  • Evergreen:Evergreen
  • Color:Medium Green
  • Color:Yellow
  • Season:Spring
  • Litter: Low
  • Thorns: Golden Spines
  • Allergenic: No


Thank you all for voting for the Mystery Giveaway! We will be giving away a FREE 15 GAL TREE of your choosing valued up to $125! This also includes the delivery and planting of the tree. We will do the Drawing on Feb 14th. To enter please “Like” our page La Villita Landscaping LLC Facebook, and comment on this post with either your name or the person that you nominate to win the tree. GOOD LUCK, and THANK YOU for the continued support!

*This drawing is for SAHUARITA/GREEN VALLEY residents only.


Happy New Years! 

As 2016 comes to a close, we look back on some of the work we have done. We have had a great year of learning, and growing as a small business. One of the best parts of being a small local business are the customers we have met, and the relationships formed. We have had the pleasure to be a part of a commmunitly that also holds many other small businesses. We have some great changes coming in 2017 and hope to see some new and old faces. Cheers to you all, and may 2017 be a great year! 


The La Villita Landscaping family

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Plants VS Zombies Trunk or Treat 2016

PVZ Trunk or Treat theme

La Villita Landscaping Style!


Trunk or Treats are sweeping communities left and right! We were so excited to participate in our first one as our own business! We wanted to find a very fun and unique theme for our trunk or treat. We spent many weeks going back and forth on themes, and event went to pinterest to try to find anything that had some type of landscaping theme. It was when our 5 year old decided to randomly play our once all time favorite game, Plants VS Zombies, that it hit us! We were beyond excited to begin to hash out what we would give out and what the designs would look like.

We knew for certain that we wanted to be unique in what we would be handing out to the Trunk-or-treaters. We had already decided early on that we wanted to promote environmental care and growth in the community. What better way than to hand out some pre-seeded dixie cups with some winter flowers for the families to take home and grow. It was a nice feeling to hear the compliments that came pouring in about our choice to hand out flowers as well as treats! Most had said that they had never seen anyone do something like this before.


We are very grateful to have had the help of our pal, and amazing graphic designer Carrie, who owns Floppy Poppy Gifts! With our idea in place, and her expertise, we were able to create some fun ideas, including the amazing photo prop that she hand drew! Needless to say, the Trunk-Or-Treat was a huge success, and we have had many calls there after! We appreciate the love and support that we constantly get from this community. We plan on being a part of many more events in the future!

If you stopped by our Trunk and have any questions about the flowers please feel free to call/text us or send us a message on our Facebook page La Villita Landscaping LLC. Also, feel free to share any pictures!