2019 AZ Winter

The beginning of the New year was certainly a different one for us Arizonan’s. We are used to the the weather going from a FREEZING 50 degrees, to a nice sun kissed 78 in a matter of weeks once January has ended. Needless to say, we were not anticipating the blanket of snow that many of us woke up to. Let alone, not happening once, twice, but at least three times in many parts of Arizona.

2019 Arizona Snow Day

AZ SNOW 2019

During and overnight chill, our small town of Sahuarita, was completely covered in snow. Not only did the snow stick to the ground, but it provided a much anticipated snow day for many to enjoy. All of our social media feeds were fully encompassed with a multitude of “IT IS SNOWING” posts! So many to enjoy throughout the day, our family was even able to enjoy some of Nature’s enjoyable surprise.

As grateful as we all were to enjoy what seemed like a miracle, it was time to get back to the program. We bid farewell to all of the snowmen who looked as though they were not all ready to leave. As illuminating as the snow was, it certainly did a number on many plants and trees in the area. Not many could have predicted the amount of snowfall that we would have. Now that the snow has melted, we have been gearing up for what could be an incredibly lush spring!