AZ Greenhouse 2018 Questions

With Spring fast approaching, we have had a lot of inquiries for greenhouse projects. Many questions we received were “How much should I spend on a greenhouse?” “Are they complicated to put together?” “Will a store bought version last in AZ heat?”

These are all fantastic questions! Growing up, I would traditionally plant in a garden setting and not use a greenhouse. My wife on the other hand, grew up with a Greenhouse that was one to be envied. This brings us to the first question, “how much do I spend??” If you are a beginner, a great way to start would be a store bought greenhouse kit. Most of them will include all of the general fixings that you would want, and could run under $100 (not including plants or supplies) If you are an avid grower, a custom built greenhouse that is larger in size could be better for you. However, the cost could be in the hundreds, depending on what you are growing and what materials you use.

On top of a budget, there is the question of “Are they complicated to put together?” This does tie into the cost factor, in the sense that it can be complicated to put together, depending on custom built or store bought. The upside to a store bought product, is the step by step instruction being fairly easy to read. (Don’t hold me to that) Someone has already set up the steps for you, those usually include both the build and the takedown if applicable. A custom built greenhouse would not always have instructions if it is self built, or if you hire someone to build one for you. These also are not always available to be moved, that would be a question to ask the builder. Again materials for custom built projects are a factor.

Lastly, the question of “Will a store bought version last in AZ heat.” This is a very good question to ask yourself while you make the decision to buy a store bought kit or purchase materials you need for a custom build. You would hope that a product for outdoor use being sold in AZ could in fact withstand the heat. Unfortunately most products are not always built in consideration of Arizona heat that can get well over 100 before Summer has even begun. That is where custom built greenhouses have the upper hand. You can insure that materials used will have some proper hold to allows for the wear of the sun. Most boxed greenhouses have been designed in cooler climates and can withstand certain weather.

We have not had the experience in purchasing a store bought greenhouse, and decided it was time! This will be the best way to answer any of our customers questions and concerns! Also, some have the family experience in doing something differently. Please see our store bought blog post for details!

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