Spark Award 2019

As we look back to our childhood days, we remember the first time you received an award, wether it be for perfect attendance, best reader, kindness, score keeper, most achieved, most touchdowns, or anything of excellence. As children, some of us strive for the acknowledgment of our hard work and dedication in any achievement. We get older and think of where this journey will lead us, and what we may accomplish. I had a dream of one day owning a business, and doing something that would not only be something that could grow, but also something that could help the community. I never imagined that it would be a possibility to not only step into business ownership, but to receive such a prestigious accolade from an organization that is built on trust, community, and honesty.

We were incredibly humbled to have received a nomination from an anonymous source, and to have been told that we were in the running. Once you find out, it is indeed months in the making. I did not realize the amount of time and dedication that went into such a decision. It was almost unreal to see that I became a top three finalist in the category. Of course, the most humbling of it all, was to see the outpouring support of our community of customers, locals, friends, and family that took over the BBB facebook page with words of encouragement. As the day fast approached, we were not anticipating the amount of business owners that were there to support each other. It was an atmosphere like no other! You wouldn’t know that everyone there, did not know each other personally. However, being a part of a group that had one thing in common, was an amazing feeling.

As we enter the room, we find our table, enjoy each others company, and congratulate each other on all of our accomplishments. I was able to listen in and be reminded of what the award meant that I was in the running for. As described on the BBB’s website it states “The Spark Award recognizes millennial business owners and co-owners who demonstrate a high level of character, generating a culture that is authentic about its mission, and is engaged with the Southern Arizona community.” It was in the brief moment of silence afterwards that you get to soak in the fact, that someone had recognized something in you to provide a nomination. That was more than enough for us at La Villita Landscaping. We walked up and received our finalists recognition, and afterwards the winner was announced. Our entire table roared in excitement before I could really take in the moment.

As we are approaching almost in year in being announced as the Spark award winner, we have tried to come up with a way to thank our community. There are truly no words that could sum up even a small amount of thanks. The amount of support, kindness, word of mouth, and trust in our work has made this award an accomplishment and a daily reminder of the type of business we try to operate on a daily basis, and something that our son would be able to look at in the future. We will continue to do our best to provide service, community, kindness, and fairness to all that we meet along the way.

From the bottom of our hearts, to all of our customers, community, friends, neighbors, family, and the BBB of Southern AZ. We thank you for all of your continued support not only in our small business, but the support for any small business in our beautiful town, may we all leave a lasting legacy big or small for our future generations to come.

La Villita Landscaping Spark Award Winner 2019

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